Short Scale Strings generally have a 32" winding length from Ball End to the end of the windings or silk.  The Scale Length of the instrument is measured from the Saddle to Nut and is between 30 inches and 31 inches for Short Scale.

Short Scale instruments can be tricky to find strings for.  Some "Short Scale" instruments actually require longer strings such as Medium Scale or even Long Scale strings.  The actual strings required for your specific instrument will depend on the instruments construction. 

The most accurate way to determine the string length required is to measure from the Ball End of the string to just past the Nut.  Once this measurement is acquired you know the total winding length required for your instrument.  If this measurement is within 32" you are indeed looking for "Short Scale Bass Strings."  Please contact us with any questions on finding the best strings for your instrument.

30 - 31 inch: Short Scale

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