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Every bass is constructed differently and each bass requires a different string length for the perfect fit.  This database will help you determine the ideal string length for your instrument.  This is user supplied information reviewed by the BassStringsOnline staff.  Your instruments measurements help the bass community! 

To help us compile a database of instruments and their required winding lengths please email us your specs through our contact us page.

Please send us the following information: (copy and paste this please)

Bass Manufacturer:
Bass Model:
Build Year: (Optional) 
Number of Strings:
Top Load or Thru-Body:
Scale Length:
Ball End to Nut:
Ball End to Tuning Post:

If you would like please send us a photo and we will use it on the page as well!  Please include how you would like to be credited for the photo of your instrument and specs... 


Bass Manufacturer: Fender Custom Shop
Bass Model: Jaco Relic
Build Year: 2008?
Number of Strings: 4
Top Load or Thru-Body: Top Load
Scale Length: 34"
Ball End to Nut: 35.6"
Ball End to Tuning Post: 37.25"
Credit: Jason Mendelson aka SLaPiNFuNK

Here is how to properly measure your instrument to find out the correct winding length.  There are two measurements you want to take note of.  

First measure from the back of the ball end to the tuning post side of the nut.  This will give you the "Minimum Required Winding Length" for your instrument.  

Then measure from the back of the ball end to the middle of the tuning post.  This will give you the "Maximum Winding Length" for your instrument.

The ideal winding length is going to fall right in the middle, but as long as you do not go less than or greater than these measurements then you are using the correct length strings!  These specs will help users determine the best length strings for their instrument. 

For "Fanned Fret" instruments please include the specs for both the lowest string and highest string. 

On this Jazz Bass above the distance from Ball End to Nut is just over 35.5" while the distance from Ball End to the center of the E string tuning post is 37.25".  The ideal string length on this instrument is between 35.75" and 37.25" while longer strings will still work but will wrap around the tuning post like pictured below depending on the strings construction.

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