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BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner - 30 Wipes
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BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner - 30 Wipes

Part Number BB-SC030
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BassBrites advanced string cleaner will keep your strings sounding bright and new longer than untreated strings.  BassBrites uses a specialized formula that not only removes dirt and oil like other string cleaners, but also de-oxidizes corrosion to prolong the life of your strings!

BassBrites has developed their own proprietary formula with Bass Players in mind.  Bass Players love the sound of a fresh set of strings and BassBrites keep that sound longer.

Designed for the electric bass, BassBrites also work perfectly on Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, and any other instrument that uses Metal Strings.  The BassBrites formula will not harm your fretboard or any part of your instrument.

Boiling Strings or Soaking in Alcohol may clean the grime, but they will not do anything about the oxidation on the strings.


  • Always wash your hands before you play to help prolong the life of your strings.  The oil and acid from your fingers will still however contact your strings while you are playing.
  • For best results, use ONE (1) BassBrites wipe Before and After you play to prevent dirt, oil, and acid from accumulating on your strings.  Using the BassBrites Wipes before you play cleans and lubricates the strings, giving you the brightest sound possible.  Applying BassBrites after playing removes the corrosive acids and other contaminants introduced to your strings while playing.
BassBrites are Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable, and Non-Corrosive.  Always wash your hands before playing and after using BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner Wipes.
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Rating Bass Brites
I'm a believer, just got my second pack of these jewels. Love what they do for the strings, leaving them sounding new and as fresh as when I restrung the instrument. Finally someone came up with an A+ product for this issue!
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas, TX. on 7/2/2014
Rating Bass Brites Advanced String Cleaner
These wipes work well. In my opinion, your strings won't sound 'fresh' out of the package New; but these wipes are a GREAT 'quick fix'. I haven't used them enough yet to notice the 'coating' process that is claimed; but I DO recommend giving them a try to see if they work for you!
  Reviewed by:   from Redwood City Ca.. on 7/7/2014
Rating They DO Clean
I'm always looking for ways to prolong the life of my strings. I always make sure to wash my hands before playing, but never had a quick method for making sure the grime is off of my strings. These make that easier. The first time I used these, I was surprised at what the wipes pulled off! The only thing that I dislike about em is the slippery film that they leave behind.
  Reviewed by:   from WIldomar. on 4/10/2014
Rating Bass Brites
I was a bit sceptical at first, but decided to try them anyway. I did a bit of a comparison before/after by only cleaning one string at a time, then testing the sound, then moving on to another string etc. I could definitely hear some improvement in brightness as I cleaned strings. It's not "night and day", but it's definitely there. Would I buy them again? being as anal with cleaning strings as I am, yes I would buy them again.
  Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 9/13/2013
Rating Bass Brights
I noticed that my E string was getting dull.I tried the bass brights and noticed an improvement in brightness.When I wipe with them you can see the oil from your fingers in the cleaning cloth.
  Reviewed by:   from Manchester NH. on 3/11/2013
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