DR NICKEL LO-RIDER Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings - 4-String Set

DR NICKEL LO-RIDER Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings - 4-String Set


DR Lo-Rider Nickel Plated Bass Set 4 String

DR Handmade Strings

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Lite-Lite: .040 .060 .075 .095
Lite: .040 .060 .080 .100
Medium-Lite: .045 .065 .080 .100
Medium: .045 .065 .085 .105
DR Nickel Lo-Riders Electric Bass Strings are Round Wound Nickel Plated Electric Bass Strings wound on Hex Cores.  DR Lo-Rider Nickel-Plated Electric Bass Strings are based upon hexagonal cores.  The DR Nickel Lo-Riders are wound with Nickel-Plated Steel, specifically designed for a softer feel and a traditional warm nickel sound.  DR Nickel Lo-Rider Bass Strings are even, long lasting, and loud... with a mid-range growl!  These DR Nickel Lo-Riders Electric Bass Strings are excellent for fretless basses.

String Construction:

  • Nickel Plated Round Wound
  • Hexagonal Core
Diggin em!
I'm a long time Sunbeam user but was recently looking for a string with a little more tension for my 62 AVRI Jazz Bass. Wow, these strings are just the ticket! Really love the feel - similar to Sunbeams but almost a bit smoother, maybe due to compression windings. Will be ordering more but itching to try some other DRs. Really my fave string brand
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Reviewed by:  from San Francisco. on 2/25/2013
I ordered this string after having used fender nickel plated strings, rotosound steels, ernie ball steels, and dr lo-rider steels. Out of all of the aforementioned, this is my favorite string. They feel good on the fingers, for rounds, are clear and articulate, and have a great amount of front-end attack on the note. I would say they are probably the most punchy string I have played. If you're playing through big speakers (I play through 15's) or direct through a PA, these strings seem to help clear things up a bit.
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Reviewed by:  from New Mexico. on 3/19/2013
I have played Jazz bass exclusively for 15 years. I loved the way these strings excentuate the famous Jazz "growl" Another player recommended these to me and I am wondering why I never tried them before now. There are only one other brand of strings that keep up with the DR's and those custom strings cost almost twice what the DR's do. These strings give you the tone you need without killing your wallet.
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Reviewed by:  from Coloraqdo Springs, CO. on 9/25/2012
My New Favorite
GREAT strings! Nickel warmth and feel on a hex core. Excellent response across the entire envelope - nice earthy lows, punchy mids, and singing highs. Nice tension for quick action, but not as much as one might expect from a hex core. Extremely playable strings with a fantastic sound. I expect a lot from DR, and these deliver. The Nickel Lo-Riders are now my go-to string.
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Reviewed by:  from Cleveland, OH. on 9/1/2012
Great strings!
DR strings are always great, and the Nickel Lo Riders are no exception. Nicely balanced, warm and clear. They last a long time, too. Excellent strings!
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Reviewed by:  from Norway. on 11/23/2011
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