There are many different types of strings for the Electric Bass.  You have your common Round Wounds made of different materials.  Stainless Steel Round Wound Bass Strings, Nickel Plated Steel Round Wound Bass Strings (NPS), Pure Nickel Bass Strings Round Wounds, and even Nickel Alloy Round Wounds.  With modern technologies string manufactures now even use special coatings to extend the life of strings and even add some color to your electric bass!

There are other types of strings available other than round wounds.  Half Round strings which start as Round Wounds that are grinded flat.  Pressure Wounds with outer windings that are pressed into an oval shape before winding around the string.  Flatwounds are gaining huge popularity again for their vintage tone and silky smooth feel.  There are even Black Nylon Tapewound strings for even more vintage thump!

Check out each category to learn more and see what is available from all of our manufacturers.

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GHS Pressurewound Bronze Light Acoustic/Electric Bass Strings 42-092 4L-RBB
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