Rotosound bass strings straight from the other side of the pond!  Everything from the classic Swing Bass 66 bass strings to their new Nexus Coated bass strings.  Rotosound 44 Bronze Acoustic Bass Guitar strings.  Rotosound 55 Solo Bass Pressure wound bass strings are great in the studio and amazing on a fretless.  The outer wrapping of the Solo Bass Stainless Steel strings is compressed into an oval shape to give you a smoother than round wound feel, without the finger noise of a round wound.  The Rotosound 66 bass string series features a Billy Sheehan Signature set, Funkmaster light gauge set for that snappy finger style funk and great high end clarity, Stainless Steel Rotosound Swingbass 66, always a classic, and even a Nickel Swing Bass string.  Want to go low?  You are going to with Rotosound Drop Zone 66 strings.  Tune to B E A D or even F# B E A.  Rotosound Drop Zone 66 strings are the ultimate choice for that low end GROWL!  Want a classic upright bass tone?  Rotosound Jazz Bass 77 Flat Wound strings will do that for you, Steve Harris has his special gauge signature string here from Rotosound.  If you want that classic Beatles tone, check out the 88 True Bass Black Nylon Tape Wound bass strings.  Rotosound PSD Bass 99 strings are truly unique.  Rotosound PSD Bass strings are exposed core strings, with adjustable exposed cores for optimal settings on your electric bass.  Rotosound PSD strings offer the ultimate sustain.  Rotosound PSD stands for Piano String Bass, check the product description for installation instructions.  Do you want that Rotosound Bass tone on a budget?  Check out the Rotosound Rotobass strings, the same Rotosound care and craftsmanship is put into these strings but there is no silk wrapping on the string to cut down costs.  Last but not least, Rotosound also offers a coated bass string called the Rotosound Nexus Coated string.  Rotosound Nexus Coated strings feature a black polycoat dressing.

Rotosound Strings

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Rotosound Nexus Bass Polymer Coated Low B String Electric Bass String
Rotosound Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Flatwound 5 String Electric Bass Set
Rotosound Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Flatwound 6 String Electric Bass Set
Rotosound Jazz Bass 77 Monel Flatwound 6 String Electric Bass Set
Rotosound Swing Bass 66 Roundwound Standard Stainless Steel 5 String Extra Long Set 45-130 RS665EL
Rotosound Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steel Roundwound 6 String Electric Bass Set
Rotosound Solo Bass 55 Stainless Steel Pressurewound 5 String Electric Bass Set
Rotosound Bronze Bass 44 Acoustic Bass Guitar Phosphor Roundwound 5 String Electric Bass Set
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