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Thomastik-Infeld T-I JAZZ Flatwound Bass Strings - 5 String Set

Thomastik-Infeld T-I JAZZ Flatwound Bass Strings - 5 String Set


Thomastik-Infeld JAZZ FlatWound Electric Bass 5 String Set


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34" Long Scale: .043 .056 .070 .100 .136
36" Super Long Scale: .044 .057 .072 .096 .136
Thomastik-Infeld has been a legend among upright bassists for their Flat Wound Strings.  T-I now offers Flat Wound bass strings for the electric bass.  T-I Jazz Flats use a highly pliable steel core wrapped with silk.  The outer winding is a true ribbon flat wound constructed of a special nickel alloy resulting in an incredible depth of tone and enhanced fundamentals.

Thomastik-Infeld has been making flatwounds for years.  Their spirocore strings have been legendary for decades and the Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flatwound electric bass strings bring that tone to your electric bass!  The tone produce from T-I Jazz Flats is unique from every other flatwound string out there.

  • Nickel Alloy Flat Wound
  • Silk Wrapped Steel Core

Please note that the Low-B .136 string is a large gauge and may require modification to fit your instrument.

bass player
I have been stringing my various Precision basses with Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats for about seven years. I love their feel and sound, and the expense of buying them is more than offset by their longevity. My first set is on its second bass, and still going strong. Recently I bought a '99 StingRay 5 from a friend, with round wounds. I ordered a set of TI Jazz Flats from Jason and got them over a weekend (from California to Texas). Last Saturday I played my first gig, 3 hours at a "Veteran's Family Day" at a VFW. The TIs successfully tamed the "bark" of the StingRay, without compromising its inherent tone, and I got through a long set of country, contemporary country and rock without a problem. Great strings, great service. Five basses, five sets of TIs.
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Reviewed by:  from Nacogdoches TX. on 5/20/2013
Great strings with excellent tone
These were my first set of flatwound strings. I wanted to put a set on my "better" bass which I have had for a year and has a very bright tone, especially with the Lace pickups I put in it. I debated whether to get these or the D'Addario chromes and decided to try out what reviewers said was a standout string. I agree with what the other reviews have said. They have a beautiful, natural, well balanced tone. They bend easily and facilitate chording and double stops. They are clear and articulate with good harmonics and don't have any of that thud sound that I have read some flats have. They have a reputation for longevity, which is a plus. I won't be considering any other strings for a very long time. Thanks,bassstringsonline!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Asheville, NC. on 11/1/2013
I Luv TI Flats
I discovered TI Flats a few months ago, and have since decided to change over all my basses to TI Flats. I just changed them on the first of my fiver's. I did put a set of Labella flats on first, but took them off after about a month because the B string was dead out of the gate. They also didn't sound as good as what I've come to really like about TI's
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Sugar Creek, Wisc. on 4/13/2014
I have them installed on a Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass V. All i got to say is where have these strings been in all my life!! The feel is slick, the tension is really low (could be a turn off for some) but the sound you get out of them is to die for! Good ole thumphy pbass sounding with flats which can go with just about any type of music. I haven't broken into them yet but i know were going to be friends for a long time :)
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Reviewed by:  from Kanada. on 3/7/2014
Best Flatwound Strings available
I have tried Chromes, Labella's, and others. The price is initially higher but factor in the longevity and they win hands down! Some have report them to last as long as 5 years or more. These are by far the best as far as sound feel and longevity. Tension is lower than others however String through the body helps increase tension somewhat. I love these strings!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area. on 1/30/2014
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