DR Bass Strings

DR offers a wide range of strings for the Electric Bass Guitar.  Each string set produces a different string tone.  Here is a summary of the different string sets DR offers for the electric bass. 

DR Pure Blues:  DR Pure Blues are a “Quantum Alloy” string on a round core.  The alloy makes for bright sound similar to a stainless steel string high a higher output. The string surface is smooth feels similar to a nickel string.

DR Hi-Beams:  DR Hi-Beams are a stainless steel round wound on a round core.  These are a very bright sounding string and the round core makes these very flexible with great sustain. 


DR Sunbeams: DR Sunbeams are similar to the Hi-Beams but are a Nickel Plated Steel string.  Clear bright highs with big lows and a smoother surface feel. 



DR Fat-Beams: DR Fat-Beams are a stainless steel round wound string similar to Hi-Beams, but have a warmer phat tone. 


DR Lo-Rider: DR Lo-Rider are a Stainless Steel Round Wound string over a Hex Core.  These have a more traditional string construction however DR uses a smaller diameter winding so the surface is smoother compared to other brands. 


DR Nickel Lo-Rider: DR Nickel Lo-Rider are a Nickel Plated Steel version of the Lo-Rider strings.  They are still a bright string but with a little less sizzle and a slicker feel. 

DR Long Neck’s: DR Long Neck’s are similar in construction to the Stainless Steel Lo-Riders but have a tapered section by the ball end.  These are ideal for string-thru body instruments that want to use tapered ends or Warwick basses. 



DR DDT: These are a stainless steel string with a treated core that makes these strings more stable in lower tuning.  Great for taking your bass from E-Standard down to D-Standard or lower!


DR Dragon Skin: DR Dragon Skin are the brightest of the coated bass strings that DR offers.  They are a coated Stainless Steel wrap wire over a round core so they have the flexibility and sustain you are looking for. The coating on these strings is transparent so you can not see the coating. 


DR Silver Stars: DR Silver Stars are a clear coated string but over a nickel plated steel wrap wire.  These strings are still very bright but not as bright as the Dragon Skin bass strings. 


DR NEON Coated: DR NEON coated bass strings are available in a variety of bright blacklight responsive colors!  They are made of DR’s proprietary coating over nickel plated steel and a round core.  These sound and feel the same as DR Silver Stars but with brilliant colors!  Available in NEON Blue, NEON Green, NEON Orange, NEON Pink, NEON Red, NEON White, NEON Yellow, and multi-color NEON sets!


DR Black Beauties: DR Black Beauties are a Black Coated string with the same string construction as the NEON coated strings.  They are a Black coated Nickel Plated Steel wrap wire over a round core.  Great bright clear tone with a black string look!


DR Red Devils: DR Red Devils are a Red Coated string with the same string construction as the NEON coated strings.  They are a Red coated Nickel Plated Steel wrap wire over a round core.  Great bright clear tone with a red string look!


DR Bootzillas: Bootsy Collins Signature Bass Strings.   A coated Stainless Steel string over a hex core. 

DR Jonas Hellborg Strings: DR Jonas Hellborg strings are a very unique string.  These strings have a single wrap wire on each string even the E-String!  These make for a very unique feel and string tone. 


DR Legend: DR Legend are a Flat Wound bass string with a stainless polished wrap over a round core.  These are warm smooth and punchy!


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