GHS Bass Strings from Bright to Mellow

GHS Strings makes a wide variety of bass strings that cover a wide spectrum of tones from bright to mellow.

GHS Contact Core Super Steels are the brightest of the bunch.  Contact Core Super Steels are constructed using a hex core and stainless steel outer windings.  What makes the Contact Core Super Steels so unique is the “Contact Core” section which sits over the bridge saddle.  These are similar to an exposed core string but the core itself is not actually exposed as there is a fine winding over the core section.  This fine winding prevents the core from corroding prolonging the life of these strings.  If you are looking for a very bright string tone choose GHS Contact Core Super Steels for your next string change.

GHS Super Steels are similar in brightness to the Contact Core Super Steels but do not have the exposed core section over the saddle.  They are made of the same Stainless Steel winding over a hex core. So if you are looking for a bright stainless steel string without needing to make any adjustments to your bridge the GHS Super Steels are for you. 

GHS Progressives are next on the brightness scale.  They use an outer winding that is more magnetic so you will experience a bright higher output when using these.  Similar to the Contact Core Super Steels the Progressives have a “Saddle Hugger” design where a thinner string portion sits on the bridge saddle.  Looking for a bright string with a slicker feel and high output check out GHS Progressives

GHS Bassics are a very bright crunchy sounding nickel plated steel string.  The great news about these is they are very reasonably priced too! These are a more traditional string being full wound nickel plated steel winding over a hex core.  Bright, slick nickel wrap, and reasonably priced GHS Bassics are a great string to check out. 

GHS Bass Boomers are a little warmer than the above strings.  Also a nickel plated steel over a hex core the GHS Bass Boomers are phat, punchy, with strong mids.  A great string for players seeking a traditional round wound.

 GHS Round Core Bass Boomers are similar to the original Bass Boomers but have a round core.  This makes them more flexible, greater sustain, and a more vibrant tone.  If you like bending, harmonics, and just an overall very responsive string check these out! 

GHS Pressurewound bass strings have to be my most favorite string of them all.  These are not a true round wound string as the outer winding is pressed between rollers giving it an oval shape.  The outer winding is wrapped around the string  with the wider part of the oval making up the surface of the string.  The result is a fast and smooth to the touch string surface that makes little to no finger noise.  These Pressure Wound bass strings are great in the studio as well as live performance.  The Nickel Iron Alloy used in making the GHS Pressure Wounds gives these strings a hotter output and a long lasting tone.  These strings are on the warmer side with just enough high end to cut through when necessary.  These also have a great strong focused mid-range.  GHS Pressurewound bass strings may just be your new favorite string! 

GHS Balanced Nickels are quite a unique string.  They have pure nickel winding over a round core.  While most bass strings will only have 1 wrap wire on the G-string, 2 on the D-String and A-string and 3 on the E-String and B-String the GHS Balanced Nickels have 2 wraps on each string.  The result is a tone that is balanced from string to string.  The round core makes these very playable while the pure nickel winding feels smooth and sounds more on the warmer side.  

GHS Black Nylon Tapewound bass strings are perfect for a bass player that does not want a harsh feeling under their fingertips.  The nylon tape feels as smooth as silk!  Under the nylon tapewound is a flatwound string that gives these tapewounds a rigid feel and a tone that is full and warm.  Tape wound bass strings are great for many styles of playing! 

GHS Brite Flats are a pretty unique string type.  Brite Flats started out as a Nickel Iron alloy round wound bass string that is passed through a precision grinder that removes to ridges from the string.  The result is a flatter string surface similar to that of a flatwound but with the flexibility of a round one.  One thing to note with these types of strings is they are not polished after they are machined flat so may feel grabby at first.  After a number of hours of playing your fingers will polish them smooth and you will love the tone and feel from then on! 

GHS Precision Flats are a traditional flat wound bass string.  The outer flat ribbon is made of stainless steel and polished to a very smooth surface.  These flats are suitable for both top load and thru-body basses.  While these are on the more mellow side of tones that GHS strings offer, they are not the warmest of all flatwounds.  They certainly do thump though!

GHS Pressurewound Bronze may sound like they are an acoustic bass guitar string, but they are actually great for both!  These have a unique dark warm punchy sound when installed on an electric bass.  The pressurewound winding removes any fingernoise as well.  These are a unique string that will bring a warm rich tone out of even the brightest basses. 

Where does your tone fit on the GHS Bass Strings brightness scale?

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